Membership Means Owning the Vision!

At the heart of Memorial's vision is that all who come here have a transforming experiencing of the living Christ.

We welcome everyone who calls Jesus Christ her or his Lord and Savior, and we are glad you're wondering how you can become part of Memorial. Think of joining the church in three stages.


Take your time because we have a no pressure policy on membership. Familiarize yourself with our community, style of worship, beliefs, and programs. Get to know the pastor and others on staff. Find a Sunday School class you like, and get your children involved. We're excited when members and visitors alike get involved in Christ's ministry at Memorial. God has brought us together so that we can learn and benefit from each other's gifts and ideas.


Once you're comfortable with us, and have begun to think Memorial is a church with which you'd like to identify, you will attend a newcomers class in preparation of joining Memorial Presbyterian Church.


Once you've decided to make Memorial your new church home, our pastor will invite you to a meeting with ruling elders. Following a brief introduction, our pastor will ask you these questions:

Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and do you trust in Him? 

Will you be His disciple, obey His Word, and show His love?

Will you be a faithful member of this congregation, giving of yourself in every way, and will you seek the fellowship of the church wherever you may be?

Then, following an affirmative vote by the Session, you will be a member of Memorial.

More Questions?

Please contact our Pastor and she'll be in touch with you.